Demonstrating hydrogen economy with the largest cross-border Hydrogen Valley in Europe

Creating Europe's First Large-Scale Cross-Border Hydrogen Valley

BalticSeaH2 pioneers an innovative initiative, establishing a significant hydrogen valley spanning across the Baltic Sea region. Focused on southern Finland and Estonia, the project aims to revolutionize the energy landscape, fostering self-sufficiency and minimizing carbon emissions in various industries. Results from the main valley will be replicated in other regions of the project. With an impressive consortium of 40 partners from nine Baltic Sea area countries, BalticSeaH2 strives to build an integrated, interregional hydrogen economy on an unprecedented scale in Europe.

Through BalticSeaH2, over 20 demonstration cases and over 10 investment cases will showcase the diverse applications of hydrogen across multiple sectors, attracting a total investment of over 4 billion euros. By project completion, the production potential for hydrogen is set to reach 100,000 tonnes annually, enabling various industries involved in the project to utilize or sell hydrogen and its derivatives.

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