Takeaways from Nordic Hydrogen Valleys Conference

Takeaways from Nordic Hydrogen Valleys Conference

BalticSeaH2 project joined the Nordic Hydrogen Valleys Conference on 4–5 October  organized on-site in Reykjavík (Iceland) by the Nordic Hydrogen Valleys as Energy Hubs Programme. Nordics researchers and stakeholders from industries gathered for the event triggering a lively discussion on the hydrogen economy. Nordic hydrogen valleys projects were presented. Dr. Francesco Reda (Research Manager, VTT) presented the BalticSeaH2 project the first largescale interregional hydrogen valleys in Europe. His reflections from the sessions:

“Nordic countries are best positioned to become the green hydrogen production hub of Europe, with an abundance of renewable wind energy, a diversified energy mix, a stable and robust electricity network, political stability, access to best knowledge and components of the hydrogen value chain, robust infrastructure (road, rail, and harbors) and sector coupling opportunities (in electricity and heating) for side stream revenues.

The region is a prime location for industries looking to invest for decarbonizing their productions and a strategic hub for hydrogen export.”

BalticSeaH2 project encompasses multiple sectors and covers the complete value chain from generation to distribution to utilization. The sector coupling soul of the project and the creation of a digitalized integrated market to support the fostering of hydrogen economy were among the most appreciated aspects from the participants.