Updates on BalticSeaH2 investment cases

BalticSeaH2 project includes more than 10 investment cases. With the project up and running, our partners are starting to publish their final investment decisions, which means we are also able to publish more information about that side of the project!

Green North Energy to replicate its Business Finland-funded hydrogen plant concept in Pori and Kemi, aiming for Finland’s self-sufficiency in ammonia production

Green North Energy starts examining the feasibility of the concept for new locations in Pori and Kemi as part of the BalticSeaH2 project. Both facilities would be the size of their Naantali plant, representing investments of more than EUR 600 million each.

Green North Energy’s ammonia plants would contribute significantly to Finland’s and Europe’s self-sufficiency in ammonia production. Currently, ammonia is still being imported to European markets from Russia. Ammonia is used for fertilizer production, which makes it critical for food production.

Read more on Green North Energy’s website.

Helen to invest in Helsinki’s first green hydrogen production plant

Helen has made a final investment decision on 3H2 – Helsinki Hydrogen Hub pilot plant project, which is also an investment case in BalticSeaH2. This is Helen’s first hydrogen project with which the company will increase its expertise to meet the needs of large-scale hydrogen production and enhance the flexibility to the entire energy system. This is also the first green hydrogen production plant to be built in Helsinki.

3H2 is also the first hydrogen project in the world designed to integrally optimate the energy system in the electricity, heat, transport and hydrogen markets as well as to serve for the flexibility of the energy system. Waste heat generated in hydrogen production will be used in the district heating network in Helsinki.

Read more on Helen’s website.

Previously published cases

Already last year, we published an introduction to P2X Solutions case. The Harjavalta hydrogen plant is starting operations this year. Stay tuned for more news!